When dynamic performance is required, M-Tech Composites can provide the solution.

We specialise in the latest model Subaru and Mitsubishi Group N rally cars and develop the best carbon fibre components available. There may be cheaper parts but championship leading teams worldwide use ours because they are designed to fit straight from the box and have the ideal combination of weight, cost and durability for the most cost effective solution over a season. 

As well as our own range of motorsport products M-Tech Composites also design and supply parts to many high profile customers who demand technical excellence and outstanding service: by optimising design, materials and manufacturing processes we meet their challenges.

Our service is complete, from consultation on initial concept, through detail design and prototyping to packaging and shipping fully finished production parts direct to the end customer.

Included in our range: carbon fibre EvoX door cards, carbon fibre EvoX mirrors, carbon fibre Subaru Impreza door cards, carbon fibre Subaru Impreza mirrors, EvoX carbon fibre rally parts, Subaru Impreza carbon fibre rally parts, EvoX lamp pods, Subaru Impreza lamp pods




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Latest Product News:

NEW carbon fibre iPhone 4 cases!

Prepreg carbon, best case available.

Can be customised with your logo!

See www.m-techdesigns.com or contact us for details

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